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Multiply(y) Tutoring is focused on creating great learning experiences for our students. We strive to create supportive environments that build both academic skills and boost confidence.

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The Art of Listening 0

The Art of Listening

“To lean in softly with a willingness to be changed by what we heard.”
Whether it is selling Real Estate, communicating with my children and husband, or teaching and practicing Mindfulness and Yoga, engaging in active listening (listening with attention) enhances it all.

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Black Lives Mater 0

Black Lives Mater

Tools for All Teens stands in solidarity against racism. We are learning, we are listening, and we will continuously make it a top priority to take an anti-racist stance within our personal circles and our business.

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The Power of Meditation 0

The Power of Meditation

We’ve all heard about meditation. Many of us have tried it, and many of us have been sceptical about its benefits. Despite its wide reach in articles, blogs, retreats, social media, and so much more; do we really know the full story of what it is and how we do it?

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