Ten Top Mindful Breathers – From Social Media for Students

  1. Resist making the first thing you see in the morning, and the last thing you see at night be your phone or social media site. Try turning off your technology at least 30 minutes before bed, unless of course, you are listening to soft music, or using an app. to help you sleep.
  2. Log in and log off your social media sites. This definitely creates a little more mindfulness with your use of social media. You might not check as much, as it takes more time to log in.
  3. Avoid bringing the phone to the dining table, whether you are with friends or family, at home or in a restaurant. Resist the temptation to text or check emails while eating. If you need to have your phone available, let all parties know out of respect.
  4. In school leave your phone in your locker. If you need it for class, then only use it as a class tool. Otherwise check your device throughout your day if you need too. Keeping it in your locker also provides a little more awareness/mindfulness with your use of social media. You may think about your phone, but if it is a hike to go and get it, you may think twice if it’s really necessary.
  5. When doing homework or anything that requires your attention, try turning your phone off and/or logging off your social media on your computer. Try this for a few days and observe how much more you are able to accomplish in a shorter period of time. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but it will get easier with practice. You will see progress and you will realize how little you have actually missed in a relatively short period of time.
  6. Do not look at your phone, text, email or check social media while driving. Pay attention to the road. Not only is it extremely dangerous, it is also illegal. Hands free only and avoid that if you can. A good idea when driving is to place your device in the glove compartment out of site out of mind.
  7. Experiment with tech/social media-free moments throughout your day, and possibly even a day per week where you turn off from social media.
  8. When you are using social media, use it in a way that is respectful of others. Social media can be a great tool for many reasons, but make sure you show respect and wisdom when posting, and try and stay unattached to other people’s postings. “THINK” before you post: T is it true, H is it helpful, I is it inspiring or interesting, N is it necessary, and K is it kind?
  9. Find an app on your device that promotes mindfulness. Here are two great ones: “Stop, Breathe and Think”, and “Calm”.
  10. Every day try and consciously connect with someone face to face. Give someone your undivided attention, even if for a moment. Keep practicing and you will get better at it.