Managing Social Media

Why is it so important we start managing Social Media?


Tools for All Teens 2016, Trish Drynan


More and more, we are seeing, reading or hearing about the number of people addicted to their social media sites and technology. They are struggling to unplug, and even when they do, they are thinking about what they might be missing out on. Many are suffering from the “Fear of Missing Out”, (FOMO).

This need to be connected results in too much time on social media and can cause a feeling of detachment, distraction, and disturbance within one’s life. We begin to experience increased stress levels, a lack of sleep, a decrease in self-esteem and even mild to moderate depression.

According to a PEW research study, the average person spends approximately 60 minutes a day on social media, but struggles to find time to pause and reflect upon their day, even for a moment.

What is the purpose of managing our use of social media?

The purpose is to become more present in our daily life, often resulting in greater health, improved relationships, increased productivity within our work, and more joy in our lives. When we experience less stress, often we are building a stronger immune system. When we are healthy, there is more opportunity to enjoy life.

Simply recognizing our use of social media is a great step in improving our relationship to it, not to mention, supporting our own personal health.

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