Who We Are

Trish Drynan, golden retriever Suki, and Andrea Drynan all smiling and sitting on a bench

The Team!

Trish Drynan>: Co- Founder and Co- Director of Tools for All Teens

Trish holds a degree in Sociology and has been a Certified Life Coach focusing on health and wellness for over 15 years. She is also a certified yoga instructor and practitioner of over 23 years. Trish coaches mindfulness and has designed several workshops focusing on mindfulness, yoga and other stress-management modalities.

Upon beginning her real-estate career 25 years ago, Trish was quick to realize that her aptitude for real-estate was explained by her innate ability and desire to form meaningful connections with her clients on a day-to-day basis. When Trish was introduced to wellness practices soon after the launch of her real-estate career, she became much more effective at managing her job, raising two kids, and other challenging feats. Her yoga, mindfulness and journaling practice is what keeps her grounded.

Trish at a workshopAt a time when stress and anxiety were increasing drastically within schools across the GTA, Trish watched her two daughters grow up in this environment where there wasn’t much focus on wellness. Given this high-stress environment, Trish saw an opportunity to help. She has therefore dedicated herself to teaching the tools of wellness to young people and the teachers who guide them.
Before the start of Tools for All Teens, Trish and her sister facilitated workshops for years around life balance, which furthered their passion for sharing these tools with students and educators. Over the past five years, Tools for All Teens has brought this dream to fruition, becoming an approved vendor of the TDSB and working with thousands of students and hundreds of teachers, spreading wellness practices far and wide.

Andrea Drynan, Consulting, Co-Creator of Tools for All Teens

Andrea has worked for the TDSB for over 26 years primarily focusing on at-risk youth between kindergarten and grade eight.   Assessing mental  health has always been Andrea’s key to success.   Finding innovative, captivating and effective tools to mitigate the stressors in students’ lives is Andrea’s formula for success.  In the end, Andrea believes the most effective ways  to bring calmness and wellness to the classroom are through mindfulness practices and yoga.
Andrea & Suki on the dockJust retired (2017), Andrea  is assisting her sister Trish Drynan with Tools for All Teens.   Together they run wellness workshops for TDSB for teachers and students in elementary and secondary schools. In 2017 Andrea co-organized a tennis and wellness program with Ontario Tennis Association. To stay in the classroom and current Andrea is a supply teacher for TDSB in specialized behaviour programs for the most part.   

In the past, Andrea has taught yoga and Mindfulness practices to sports clubs, running groups, camps, and private sessions.  Andrea is very proud of the handbook she helped to create for teachers : When Something’s Wrong.

Andrea has a BA in Sociology and Psychology; Bachelor of Education; Master in Education-Counselling Psychology; Certificate in Hatha Yoga; Rainbow Kids Instructor; and Mindfulness Instructor.   

Finally,  Andrea has a teenage son who is her daily reminder of how important it is to live in the moment.