“I liked being able to lie down, close my eyes and release tension from each part of my body. Also focusing on breathing”

“I had a feeling of release, but also empowered to take on the rest of my day”

“I loved every single part of your workshop. It made me feel happier and energized”


“The meditation was amazing. It was incredibly relaxing and peaceful”

“Experiencing the feeling of relaxation and calmness. Focusing on my breath helped me let go of the stress I was feeling”

“Feeling connected to my breath and just sitting in silence for a few minutes”

“Trish and Andrea’s work through Tools for All Teens was a keystone in my high school experience. I constantly looked forward to Thursday morning Mindfulness with peers and teachers. Trish crafted an authentic and comforting space where everyone was welcome to take part in a purposeful moment of contemplation and presence. I always felt grounded after the sessions and had the important reminder to craft time in my busy schedule to breathe.”

The Wheel of Life

“Understanding that even when I feel stress in one area, there are other good things going on in my life”

“I found the wheel of life very helpful in putting my worries into perspective.”

“The wheel helped me feel more confident and remember that although school is often very stressful,
it’s not that bad, I have a family who loves me and great friends.”


“I liked the 3-2-1 exercise. It helped me shift my thoughts in a more positive way.”

“I liked the idea of turning off all technology 30 minutes before bed and writing things I am grateful for in a journal.”

What Teachers Had To Say

“…… I would highly recommend this workshop. It is an ideal blend of self-empowerment through action and reflection, sprinkled with a great deal of compassion for all students who are at an exciting, yet challenging period of their lives.” The students who have participated have expressed feeling a positive transformation after the yoga and meditation.”

– Ms. Meherali, Guidance Counsellor.

“ ….Tools for All Teens is teaching students to be resilient. The workshop was well designed and the students response was overwhelmingly positive” More opportunities like Tools for All Teens should be made available to all students.”

– Mr. Johnson, Teacher and ACL Film Department.