A Simple Neck and Shoulder Roll

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This month is neck and shoulder rolls. This is a gentle, mindful breath andmovement exercise. As we release tension in our neck and shoulders, we are naturally releasing tension in our life. We spend a lot of time on our computers and phone, that doing some simple neck rolls can help alleviate the tension we store in these areas.

  1. Sitting comfortably take a nice deep breath in through your nose and an extended exhale out through your mouth. Repeat for 3-5 breaths.
  2. Inhale center and on the exhale drop your right ear towards the right shoulder and continue with a gentle neck role all the way around. Inhale center and do one or two more rounds on the right side.
  3. Come back to center, inhale and drop your left ear towards the left shoulder and continue the neck roll all the way around. Repeat as you did the other side.