Black Lives Mater

Tools for All Teens stands in solidarity against racism. We are learning, we are listening, and we will continuously make it a top priority to take an anti-racist stance within our personal circles and our business. We encourage everyone to continue the momentum with learning about the systemic racism that navigates our social system. Being vocal about issues that matter, signing petitions, donating to BLM and associated organizations, and listening as much as we possibly can are all positive actions we can take.

In order to keep this momentum going, we suggest a “sustainable approach”, in which you can continuously prioritize your own personal mental health, while simultaneously taking the necessary positive actions for change. Not only does a healthy mind and body keep us well enough to focus on important matters outside of our personal lives, but it allows us to put forth our best selves, at a time when the world needs it most.

Some suggestions for our “sustainable approach” include getting a better night’s sleep, discovering your “why”, and accepting that we can’t learn everything at once. A good first step to a better night’s sleep is to avoid doing your research and posting right before bed, as the likelihood of getting quality rest after stimulating your brain becomes slimmer. Discover your ‘why’ when it comes to learning and speaking out against racial injustice. This way, you can become more familiar with your own personal reasons for embarking on this journey. And of course, we must accept that we cannot learn everything at once. Take breaks, take breaths, and channel your why.

Carly Hominuk