Just Have Fun With It: A Short Guide to Stop Taking Life So Seriously

“Life is much too serious to be taken seriously.” -Vicki Lawrence

You’re crazy busy, under-slept, not hitting your fitness goals, maybe even having relationship problems, on top of other personal issues that are beginning to really weigh on you. Trust me, I get it. No matter what stage of life you’re in, there will always be hardships to overcome, failures to face, and problems to solve. Life is tough, but what if we started to enjoy the process a little more, and stopped taking “failures” too seriously. Just because we face difficulties more than we’d like, we shouldn’t consider this grounds to be miserable because of it. By contrast, we should expect hardship, take it as it comes, and remain lighthearted in spite of it. There’s no glorious finish line at the end of all of this, so we better start enjoying the process of Life with a capital “L”.

We already know life isn’t going to be smooth sailing. Whether you’re 16 or 60 years old, problems that are relative to your stage of life will inevitably arise. Things don’t all of a sudden get easy and go exactly as planned.
By accepting this, we realize that there is no other choice but to change our mindset on how we handle all external happenings. And then, we begin to provide ourselves with the freedom to let go of a heavy heart when we are inevitably faced with obstacles.

If we can’t control the stuff that goes on around us, then why don’t we start trying to control what goes on inside of our head.

This is a reminder to not take yourself too seriously. Laugh it off and keep going. Life is tough, so why make it tougher? Approaching something with a light heart does not mean you’re not taking something seriously, it just means that no matter what happens, you are never willing to compromise your happiness and well-being because of it.

“If it costs me my peace of mind, it’s too expensive

Set goals, work hard, take risks, but have fun doing it. There is no glorious finish line when life comes to a close, so let’s enjoy the process.