Just One Breath Meditation

Victor Davich
8 Minute Meditation

Quiet your Mind – Change your Life


  • – Set your timer for 5 Minutes.


  • – Take your meditation position.


  • – Gently close your eyes.


  • – Take a long, deep inhale that sweeps up your current worries, hopes and dreams. Hold it for a moment. Then gently and slowly “sigh” it out.


  • – One more time. Deep breath. Release any remaining tension.


  • – Start your timer.


  • – Notice if you are controlling your breath. If so, release control. Relax.


  • – Notice that place in your body where you are most aware of the sensation of breathing.

    It may be your chest, diaphragm or nostrils. There is no “right “place.


  • – Gently direct your attention to that place. We call it the “anchor” point.


  • – With your attention on the anchor point, observe the natural rise and fall of the breath.

    Try to view this as “the breath.”


  • – Allow…allow…allow. There’s no need to become involved or figure anything out.


  • – Thinking? No problem, simply notice this. Gently return to your anchor point, your breath.


  • Try to follow just one full in-and-out cycle of breath. If you can, then follow another.

    If you can’t, fine, just start over.


  • – Frustration? Irritation? Just notice these sensations. Return to your anchor point.


  • – Can you follow just one breath?


  • – Do this until your timer sounds.


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