The Earth Meditation: a 3-minute meditation

The Earth Meditation: a 3-minute meditation

Whether you are lying down, sitting or standing, close your eyes or find a soft gaze. 

Begin by connecting your feet to the ground you are on. Breathing in, imagine your breath expanding out into the earth. 

Breathing out, allowing your breath to sink deeper into the connection you are having with the ground/earth. You might want to lift your toes up on the inhale and spread them wide and lower them on the exhale. 

Sit for a minute or five conscious breaths. Imagine the earth as your breathing ball. 

Inhale- expand. 

Exhale- deepen. 

Now imagine a tree, a flower, a river, whatever resonates with you. Your eyes can be open or closed. Allow your breath to connect to that image. Finding your own rhythm of breath. Notice the connection between each inhale and exhale. If distractions come up, come back to your breath and to your image. 

Enjoy this minute. 

Inhale- exhale- connect with breath- connect to the earth. 

Now moving forward and imagine everyone you love and care for also connecting to this image and surrounding it hand and hand together. Feel the connection of everyone, breathing in and out. 

The earth is our breathing ball. Without it we could not breathe. Know we are all connected.