Walking Meditation 0

Walking Meditation

It’s that time of the year when everything is coming alive again after a cold winter ( especially this one ! ). This is a perfect time to practice a walking meditation.

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Turn Off the Sites, Turn On Yourself 0

Turn Off the Sites, Turn On Yourself

If given the chance, many would say they would like a do-over in certain aspects of their life. Whether it is re-doing a test, studying another program, saying yes to someone else, we’ve all done it; wished for another shot. However, the fact is that much of this universal attribute comes from one’s worry about the ways others perceive them.

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The 2014 Toronto Yoga Conference 0

The 2014 Toronto Yoga Conference

I had a great three days at the conference. It certainly was busier than ever. I started my weekend with a full day workshop with Rodney and Colleen Yee. It was a day retreat in the city and full of great asana as well as being very thought provoking. One of the things that stood out the most was the message of not going to your maximum within a pose. It is very different than not doing your best. Often when we try to reach our maximum, and this can relate to real life experience, we miss things along the way, or things start falling apart and we don’t end up doing our best.  So next time you think your max is your best, step back and observe the situation and know that your best is not necessarily your max. The next two days were followed by 2 workshops on teaching teen’s yoga and meditation. It was very informative, but not much that we were not already practicing and that was okay too. It is so important to never stop learning. Even if it is one small nugget, there was still something to be learned. All and all it was another great yoga show, with incredible vendors, teachers and...

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Simple is Beautiful 0

Simple is Beautiful

“The simplest things can be the most beautiful. Some people can see the beauty in the simple things in life and some cannot, depending on one’s perspective.” – Taylor...

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